Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lots and lots of Moths

Given the nice weather lately I decided to do a bit of moth trapping.With a nice selection about and some new moths for me (wouldn't be hard as I only started last year) I manage to get a few shots of them before releasing them back to the wild. I also learned that not all moths hide in your trap, as I found a few under the furniture. All moths trapped were done so under license and released without harm.

 Peach Blossom Moth
 The Drinker Moth
 True Lover's Knot Moth
 Broad-barred White Moth
 Buff Ermine Moth
 Light Brown Apple Moth
 The Uncertain Moth
 White Ermine Moth
 Brimstone Moth
 Buff Arches Moth
 Common Emerald Moth
 Garden Pebble Moth
 Grey Dagger Moth
 Small Fan Foot Moth
Willow Beauty Moth


Louisette said...

Wonderfull fotos, best regard from belgium

James said...

Thank you Louisette you are too kind.