Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tacumshin Co Wexford

I was down around Wexford last Friday as there was a pair of Glossy Ibis seen on the Thursday and I need them for my year list. So when I arrived the birds were in flight and flew off in the direction of Our Lady`s Island so I made note to head off in that direction after a look around Tacumshin. So while walking around the lake I got some views of the Forster's Tern but they were distant and he did not hang around for me to get closer (oh well maybe next time), but what I did notice was a Little Gull sitting in among a fling of Dunlin. As I walked on further an adult Little Gull flew in with a juvenile and a second year bird as well. A pair of Kestrel's flew over putting all the birds up so I decided to head for Lady`s Island for a look. While there I had excellent views of Common and Sandwich Terns along with the usual suspects. So no Ibis`s here I headed back to Tacumshin. As I got out of the Jeep I was informed that a Red-backed Shrike was just seen over at the east end so I headed over for a look. On the way I had a pair of Garganey and distant views of the Glossy Ibis, I spotted the lads over at a gate and as I approached I could see the Red-backed Shrike sitting on a hedge. So after a while we got word of a Red-footed Falcon flying around in the Dunes behind us so off we set. On the way we got to see the falcon but he was keeping low and distant, but we did have great views of a Little Ringed Plover. So a day that started slow but ended well. This is what makes birdwatching great.

Kestrel one of the two that sent everything up.

 Glossy Ibis in flight, would have loved a better shot but this was the closest they came that day.

A couple of shots of the Little Gulls.

A couple of the Red-backed Shrike which was quite flighty.

The Little-ringed Plover which was also flighty.

 Skylark one of the regulars seen on the day.

 As was the Female Stonechat.

 Common Tern at Our Lady`s Island.

 A male Wheatear another regular seen.

As was this Whitethroat one of many at Tacumshin.