Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Moth Trapping

I recently built a moth trap to see what was out and about in my garden at night. We have had some heavy rain over the last couple of weeks so I was just waiting for the right night that would be dry and I got one Saturday night. So I setup the trap and headed to bed. When I got up sunday morning I was amazed at the amout I had in the box. For something that was home made I had trapped over 30 moth and up to 15 different species. So here are a few shots of the moths..

 Bright-line Brown-eye
Buff Ermine
 Buff and White Ermine
 Common Emerald Moth
 Common White Wave moth
Dark Arches Moth
 Eudonian mercurella
Garden Carpet Moth
 Heart and Dart Moth
 A Large Yellow Under Wing Moth
 Phlyctaenia coronata
Riband Wave Moth
 And another type of Riband Wave Moth
 Small Magpie Moth
 Straw Dot Moth

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sparrow Hawk

I notice a familiar but not so familiar face in the garden yesterday and today. Yes I had a Sparrow Hawk back in the garden, but I`d say he was a young bird probably from one of this years earlier broods. And even though he maybe young, you can see he is as sharp as a needle. He hasn`t caught anything that I have seen yet but he is fighting fit and I would not like to be a bird that gets in his way or more so the one that doesn`t get out of his way. Here is a few shots taken through the Kitchen window.....

 Checking out one of the feeders
 Is there someone up there??
 He spots a finch in the distance.
 Whats that under my nail?
You looking at me??

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Back For More

I headed back up to Offaly as I wasn`t happy with the shots I got of the Whinchat the other day. So this time I wasn`t leaving until I got a shot I was happy with. It`s super to hear these birds singing even this late into the season. As I was up that direction I decided to hit Boora as well. I had 23 Grey Partridges in total and 6 Whinchat at the shannon callows so you could say I wasn`t  spoilt for choice.

 Grey Partridge Family
 Checking to see that all the chicks are off the road.
 This male can crouch but he can`t hide from my camera.
 One of three male Whinchats singing in the Shannon Callows.
 A second male answering.
And another shot of a male in voice.