Friday, 7 December 2012

Limerick Waxwings at last.

I was home in limerick for the day yesterday and deceided to have a look around while I was there. So I took a quick trip to Curraghchase to see if the was any big flocks of finchs out there. I couldn`t find one big flock which is puzzling me??, why aren`t they there this year, the more i wandered the more I want to try and find answers so I search the ground around the beach trees and notice there is little or no beach mast on the ground or in the trees! does this mean they failed to produce any this year I don`t know maybe someone can shed a little light on this for me. Anyways I headed back to Doradoyle as waxwings had been reported there monday and sure enough after a little searching I found 3 of them feeding on berries in the rain. It was quite a dull wet day but to finally get some Limerick waxwings for my blog was just the treat I needed.