Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Scandinavian Rock Pipt

I was out on Bull Island today in search of returning Wheatear as a number of birds have already been seeing in Ireland along the coasts. Also knocking about are good numbers of Scandinavian Rock pipits with sighting going into the local birdwatch websites. Trying to I'd these birds can be a challenge at best and I reckon a lot of birders don't bother. I have to admit to checking with a couple of different seasoned birdwatchers before calling this one. Yet still a tick is a tick so I'm quite happy with this one, but if you have any comments about this bird all are welcome.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bonaparte's Gull

There has been a Bonaparte's Gull in Skerries county Dublin over the last couple of weeks but It was proven hard to pin down. I had been up there 3 times in the last week with no success as has another few local birders that I know and met. With only one birder haven seen the Bonaparte's it wasn't making it easy for anyone. So a friend gave me a buzz as he was coming to Dublin for the day and wanted to know if I`d go have another look for it with him. So we headed up on Saturday morning early before any dog walkers got to the beach close to where it had been seen. There was plenty of large gulls about and a few Black-headed Gull and in the middle of them very quietly preening it's self was the Bonaparte's. Such joy as it is a life and Irish tick for me. It`s such a cute gull, just bigger then a Little Gull but smaller than a Black-headed Gull. With its black beak and bubble gum colored legs it has to be my second favorite gull of all time. Here are few shots taken on Saturday and Sunday.