Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I took a walk around Tuvey reserve in Rogerstown to see what was about. There had being a big flock of finches in Rogerstown over the winter and in the flock were about 7-10 Bramblings. By now the flock was not even a tenth in size with good numbers of Chaffinches and a a lone Yellowhammer. So I wasn`t holding out much hope of a Brambling showing up, so I sat down and enjoyed the sun (a rare sight in Ireland these day) and eventually the birds started to show. After maybe 2 hours a Brambling joined the flock and started to fed with them. Always great to see these little birds as the don`t breed here and we don`t get many of them in the winter.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Continental Cormorant

I was out in Broadmeadows Estuary again as the Continental Cormorant was still around and I`d said in a previous blog that I needed to get back to see if I could get any better shots. Well once again the bird was keeping its distance and the weather was grey and misty but I manage to get better shots than I previously had.

In this shot you have the Continental and a Juvenile Carbo above it.