Saturday, 1 March 2014

Caspian Gull and Red-necked Grebe

While in work during the week, I received a text to say the Caspian Gull was spotted back in Tallaght so with that knowledge, and knowing the Red-necked Grebe was giving good views, my mind was made up to head out Saturday morning to get these birds. The Caspian Gull was a life and Irish tick for me and when I got to Sean Walsh park in Tallaght this morning, it took a bit of searching but I located the bird on the roof of a house. However, the bird proved flighty as it was being harassed by a Lesser Black Back Gull. I did manage a few shots which I have attached below.
After that, we headed for Dun Laoghaire and the Red-necked Grebe, which I located in the harbour by the east pier. The bird gave good but distant views and was constantly on the move. The bird was coming into summer plumage, which I have not previously seen, and to have the views I had was a joy. Also in the harbour, were plenty of Great Northern Divers. This is a bird which is normally off the south, west and north west coasts of Ireland, so to see them in high numbers off the east coast is unusual.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dublin Ross's, a hit and miss for some!!!

I've been trying to get out and about recently but with work it's been hard. There are some nice birds knocking about in Dublin and I finally got out for a few hours on Saturday. So I met up with a good friend and we headed for the Ross's Gull at Poolbeg.

This bird has been a hit and miss for a lot of the guys up here and when it does show up it only usually hangs about for 15 minutes. So we decided to do Poolbeg first and if the Red-necked Grebe was to show up we would head for it. So four and a half hours later a text came through that the Red-necked Grebe was showing well in Dun Laoghaire inside the harbour. So there was no sign of the Ross's we said we would go and get it. But before we left I made a quick call to make sure the bird was still there and to my disappointment it hand moved out of the harbour . So we stayed where we were and hung around to see if the Gull would show.

Eight and a half hours and at least 30-40 birders later there was no joy and with other engagements and the light going we had to call it a day. So picture my annoyance when I got a text 30 minutes after we left that the Ross's was after appearing and hung around for 15 minutes gave good views. So roll on Sunday morning, and not making the same mistake I made the day before I headed straight for The Red-necked Grebe. While on my way through Blackrock I received a text that the Ross's was back at Poolbeg. It was an easy decision, Ross's would be a life tick and an Irish one at that. When I got there it was out in the middle of the channel but it was giving nice views. So another new gull of the year and what a relief. In the end I didn't go for the grebe, I may do that this weekend.

 2 shots of the Ross`s from last Sunday

 There is still one Snow Bunting knocking about on the Bull
 There are plenty of Black Guillemots about at present
 And also plenty of Kittiwakes around too