Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fringilla montifingilla

I took a trip out to Curraghchase the other day as autumn is nearly over and I knew the Red Squirrels would be busy hiding away acrons to see them through the winter and spring of next year. I also had a feeling we might have a few returning visitors in the shape of Bramblings. I love these little birds as they blend in so well with the Chaffinchs. I was so happy to find 2 of them feeding with a flock of Chaffs. So here are a few shots I got.
Red Squirrel.

One of the 2 Bramblings I had.

Brambling busy looking for beech nuts

Another shot of a Brambling

Jay busy looks for some food.

Red Squirrel busy collecting acorns and then hiding them.

Another view of the Red Squirrel.