Monday, 24 April 2017

Little Ringed Plovers and Avocet

This last weekend has thrown Dublin 3 nice birds. Broadmeadows in Swords always gives you a nice bird or two ever year and this was no exception as not one but two Little Ringed Plovers were picked out from a mass of Godwits, Redshank, Greenshank, Common Sands, Dunlin and so on by 2 great birders AGK and Niall Griffin. I got up the following day and got to see both birds. Distant but they gave excellent views and always a joy to see them. I also had a bit of luck while checking one of my own stomping grounds. Within seconds of getting out of the car I had picked out an Avocet. This is a Dublin first for me as well as as being a first ever Avocet found by myself in Ireland. I have two other recorded Avocet sightings in Ireland (Co Wexford and Co Louth) but they were found by other birdwatchers, so making my Dublin bird all the more sweeter given the little amount of birding I'm actually getting done these day. So a cracking weekend all around.


JL Copner said...

2-0 he says..great birds James

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