Sunday, 8 November 2015

Howth Black-Redstart

Given the amount of Black Redstarts that were spotted around the coast of Ireland I decided to head out to Howth in County Dublin last Tuesday as I felt one may show up there . It has been a good spot for these little birds in the past and sure enough it payed off this time. I had a Black Redstart within minutes of looking. It was a bit flightly but this was down to the 20 or so Rock Pipits that were squabling over the many flies that were about. Also there were the resident Stonechats, Grey Wagtail and a few Chiffchaff. One Chiffchaffs was a grey brown and its call was different to the rest, but the bird was very sculky so I was unable to get a shot of it to my fustration. This is the second time I have been robbed for a sibs chiff. Oh well maybe the next time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

100th Post.

I can`t believe this is my 100th post on my blog. I always thought I`d have hit it sooner but life as it is will always throw you a curve ball. My curve ball was my the birth of my first born early last year and the birth of my second born a couple of weeks ago. So with my hands full at home the birding had to take a hit not that I`m complaining.

All is not lost all the same. I have had an hour here or an hour there and with some nice results, such as the next two birds and two nice yearly ticks at that. Thanks to twitter and the eager birders in Ireland you always have a good chance of seeing something rare.

 Recently there was a Male Ring-necked Duck in a man made pond in UCD which is about 40 minutes from me. So I made trip over to see it. To my suprise it seem at home on the lake with a group of Tufted Duck. I watched it swim about for a while and it ducked under to feed on several occasions so all seem fine. However on closer observation its neck look like it was damaged, maybe be it had been attacked or it might of caught it on an overhead cable. In all it was feeding and didn`t seem to be in any difficulty.

Yesterday I got a text to say there was a Great White Egret in Broadmeadows Estuary. I was in work and worried it wouldn`t hang around given the foot traffic and dog walkers in Broadmeadows. So when I finished work I headed home got the gear and headed straight for there. It`s only 15 minutes away but felt longer. Sure enough the bird was still there and give excellent but distant views. I gave it an hour before I had to head home. I would nearly guess this is the bird that was on view up in Northeren Ireland for the last week or so. Still 2 cracking birds in the last couple of weeks, just enough to sooth hunger of birding for me. For a while anyways.

Monday, 30 March 2015


When I was in Rogerstown the other day I spent some time looking for other birds that maybe around. I remembered from last winter that it is a pretty good spot for Yellowhammers (Buíóg in Irish) so I went for a look and sure enough I found 10 birds, mixed males and females. The reason I reckon its a good spot is down to crops and horses in the area. They love to feed on the rolled oats that the horses get to supplement them through the winter months. I also came across a few Tree Sparrows, these little birds are now not so common in Ireland with Clare and Dublin been the only 2 counties I have had them in. So it was nice to get them on my year list for 2015.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Rogerstown Lesser Yellowlegs

There is a lesser Yellowlegs knocking about Rogerstown in Co Dublin since last September 2014. So I eventually made it up there to get to see this bird. It is my second Lesser Yellowlegs in Dublin over the last 3 years and only my second Lesser Yellowlegs ever. So to have it give good but distant views for 2 hours was great. So I managed a few distant shots for this blog.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Back Birding

I was out in Howth recently and managed to get a few shots off of a couple of the usual regulars as well as some winter visitors.

      Female Stonechat

 Male Stonechat

  Black Guillimot

 Purple Sandpipers

        Female and Male Wigeon in Flight