Tuesday, 10 December 2013

littoralis Rock Pipit

I am snowed under these days, so my birding days out are few and far between with. Lately I have only been able to get an hour here and an hour there so it is near impossible to cover any good birding areas. However there is one or two places nearby that have a good chance of holding something unusual, and one place is Howth. There is good numbers of gulls that hang around the local fish factory as well as the harbour which always has the likes of grebes and divers. But the east pier has one of the best chances of hiding a little gem. Water Pipit has shown up here in the past so it is always worth checking them. There wasn't many pipits about today but as I was about mid-way along the pier, I spotted a rock pipit, but it was paler than normal and on closer inspection I was right to pick up on it as it turned out to be a littoralis Rock Pipit. This is the second bird of this year for me with the previous one being back in March at Bull Island. I also had 1 Snow Bunting which was flushed by a dog and its walker and 7 Purple Sandpipiers.

 littoralis Rock Pipit above and below.

Purple Sandpipier, 1 of 7 birds present.