Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some recent birds

I`ve been quite busy lately and my blog has been ignored so I`m playing catch-up with the shots I got over the last couple of weeks. There has only being one bird that made me want to twitch and that was the Rose-coloured Starling that showed up in Dungarvan Co Waterford. There was some great shots of this bird showing up on other websites so I thought to myself it was showing well. So much for thought! the day I was there it didn`t stop raining (like most of the days I`ve had this year when birding) and the starling wasn`t showing well at all. It was when I was just about to give up when it appeared on a roof of a house in a cul de sac and it didn`t hang around. It disappeared down behind the house and into a tree at the back where it stayed for the rest of the evening. So here are a couple of shots of it and other birds over the last few weeks.

 Rose-coloured Staring looking as wet as I was.
 Yellowhammer, 1 of 4 I had outside Cahir County Tipperary.

 A few shots of a Buzzard I had recently.
 Dunlin are returning to the shores after breeding, this one is showing it breeding patch on its belly.
 Turnstone in it summer colours, so different to the plain bird you see at winter.
 Spotted flycatcher 1 of 3 birds I had in Griston Bog in Co Limerick.
 Grey Partridge, 1 of 28 birds I had in Boora a few weeks ago.

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