Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Moth Trapping

I recently built a moth trap to see what was out and about in my garden at night. We have had some heavy rain over the last couple of weeks so I was just waiting for the right night that would be dry and I got one Saturday night. So I setup the trap and headed to bed. When I got up sunday morning I was amazed at the amout I had in the box. For something that was home made I had trapped over 30 moth and up to 15 different species. So here are a few shots of the moths..

 Bright-line Brown-eye
Buff Ermine
 Buff and White Ermine
 Common Emerald Moth
 Common White Wave moth
Dark Arches Moth
 Eudonian mercurella
Garden Carpet Moth
 Heart and Dart Moth
 A Large Yellow Under Wing Moth
 Phlyctaenia coronata
Riband Wave Moth
 And another type of Riband Wave Moth
 Small Magpie Moth
 Straw Dot Moth

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Dee said...

Great work James! Know this is an old post, just found it through google search. I'm looking to build a moth trap of my own, any tips? I'm presuming you bought the electrics pre-wired?