Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saltee Islands.

I took a trip with a few friends to the Saltee Islands in Co Wexford to have a up close and personal with with a few of our sea birds which are nesting there. It was my first time on these islands and wont be my last. The weather wasn,t great and there was alot of wind and sea spary but we headed anyway. I always thought of the Skelligs as one of the best places to see these birds, but with the salties you can get a little bit closer with a little care taken of course. But what I noticed was some people getting too close and the adult birds were flying away leaving the poor chick defenceless againist the prowling Great Black Back Gulls. So I ask anyone that is planning to visit these islands not to put any poor chick in harms way and keep a safe distance between yourself and these birds. So here a few chick friendly pictures for ye.
Gannet feeding its chick.

Great Black Backed Gull

I always have a soft spot for Puffins

A pair of fulmars taking it easy.

As is this one

Ahhh puffins

Gannet and very young chick

Guillemot and chick

Puffins getting ready for take off

Kittewake and chicks

Rock pipit

Razorbill back to feed its chicks

Up close with a razorbill


soupdragon44 said...

Lovely Razorbill shots there James.

jeffcopner said...

Great photos once again.The Razorbill with Sand eel shot is top notch. nice 1 James