Monday, 4 April 2011

Bullfinch and Grey Heron

I took an evening walk out in Adare in Co Limerick yesterday evening to see if the Swallows were around there yet - and they were I had 5 in total. It's great to see these birds back for the summer months. I just love it when they sit on a chimney pot and sing their song. Unfortunately they weren`t singing but just busy feeding up after their long flight from Africa. As I walked along the river bank I heard 2 Chiffchaffs singing and a couple of Willow Warblers. I stood still while trying to get a snap of the Chiffchaff and noticed a pair of Bullfinchs quietly munching on the new buds on the trees. I also had a Long-tailed tit that evening. Today I took a trip out to Westfields for Sandmartins and I was happy to see 100+ flying low over the water picking off insects from the top of the water. I never knew how hard it was to photograph them; I may have got only 1 ok shot out of 200. But I did have a Grey Heron posing nicely on a rock. I also got a couple of shots of a juvenile BHG. So these will be my posts today.
Bullfinchs gorging on the new buds on the bushes.

Chiffchaffs were calling to each other.

A grey Heron putting on a pose for me.

ok you`ve had enough, I`m off.

Long-tailed Tit busy picking insects.

Sandmartins are back in big numbers.

Juvenile BHG doing a fly by...


Triseratops said...

Just wanted to drop a quick comment to say I really like the photos you posted especially of the grey herons. I try to get photos of them for my mam but they always seem to know and fly away lol.

Damaa Pick said...

I live in Michigan, a town called Casco, Iseen on my propert a bird fits the description of a grey heron and when I checked the pics you have here I can say for sure that was what I saw, I took a pic of him but he flew away so the pic is not clear
I just would like to ask, is it possible for this bird to be here in MI??