Sunday, 8 November 2015

Howth Black-Redstart

Given the amount of Black Redstarts that were spotted around the coast of Ireland I decided to head out to Howth in County Dublin last Tuesday as I felt one may show up there . It has been a good spot for these little birds in the past and sure enough it payed off this time. I had a Black Redstart within minutes of looking. It was a bit flightly but this was down to the 20 or so Rock Pipits that were squabling over the many flies that were about. Also there were the resident Stonechats, Grey Wagtail and a few Chiffchaff. One Chiffchaffs was a grey brown and its call was different to the rest, but the bird was very sculky so I was unable to get a shot of it to my fustration. This is the second time I have been robbed for a sibs chiff. Oh well maybe the next time.


JL Copner said...

Well timed James ..
hows things in the city?

Brian Carruthers said...

Excellent shots Bud