Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Year, New List!

With a New Year a new Year List starts. This year has started really well with a life and Irish tick within the first month. A really mega bird has shown up in Tacumshin, Co. Wexford and has hung around giving excellent views to birders. The bird in question is an Ivory Gull. These extremely rare visitors to Ireland are normally found in the high Arctic following polar bears around to pick at their leftovers or any carrion they may find. The last record for this bird was in Baltiomore, Co. Cork a few years back, so it wasn't surprising to see a very busy Tacumshin yesterday. While down there, we decided to go looking for a Glossy Ibis that had been seen on the South Slob. After a while looking, the bird obliged us by flying into a field behind us and giving us good views, although the light was far from ideal for photography. Other birds of note I have seen this year include a Little Gull from Sutton, Co. Dublin and Mediterranean and Iceland Gulls and an Eastern Jackdaw from Tallaght, Co. Dublin. The Caspian Gull that had been seen in Tallaght in the last week remained illusive today, as for the last few days, unfortunately. Perhaps he has left the area? I hope the rest of the year continues as it has begun......

What a beauty, Ivory Gull
 Nice to get a shot of its wings
 Glossy Ibis, Still great to have in any light.
 First winter Iceland Gull
Adult Mediterranean Gull
Eastern Jackdaw

Little Gull

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