Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Bugs you!!

I had a look around over the last couple of weeks to see if there was any Dragonflies or Damselflies about given that the birds were late, I thought they may also be late. And sure enough they were with my first Dragonfly coming last weekend. So with the lack of dragons and damsels I took to snapping other little creatures. One that I love and have seen on a number of occasions is the Zebra Spider. These spiders hunt by sight and looking at the size of its eyes I see why. Other insects of interest  were the Rosemary Leaf Beetles in a patch near by. These beetle were first recorded in the Rep of Ireland last year. It is thought that these beetle arrived in lavender plants imported to Ireland . Also snapped was a Donacia thalassina or Reed Beetle out hunting in a pond in Offaly as well as a Blue-tail Damselfly, a Variable Dameslfly and a  Burnet Companion all in Offaly.

Blue-tailed Damselfly
 Burnet Companion
 Four Spotted Chaser
 Reed Beetle
Variable Damselfly
 Light Brown Apple Moth
Rosemary Leaf Beetle
Zebra Spider

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