Wednesday, 1 May 2013

More LBJ's

LBJ's meaning Little Brown Jobs is a term birders use to describe any small brown looking bird i.e Warblers Pipits and so on. So it is only normal this term comes into use at this time of year as there is a large influx of small warblers, pipits and larks.  Two of which I had today, Sedge Warbler and White-throat. You can be forgiven for calling them a lbj if you don't get a proper look at them as they are both quite difficult to see. They have a habit of skulking around in the under growth and when they do appear they will take off at speed and dive straight into another bush or hedge. But when they sing, well there no mistaken them. I love both their calls as they remind me summer is up and running, even though some may say they only have a scratchy song I say it's still music to my ears.

 Sedge Warbler in song.
 Now contemplating the idea of going skulking.
 So nearly a good shot of a White-throat except for that twig.
A second white-throat in the same bush as the Sedge Warbler.

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