Friday, 25 January 2013

A nice start to 2013

2012 ended for me on a sour note, I badly sprained my ankle so this meant getting out birding just wasn`t going to happen for me. Not only that but the hard drive in my computer crashed which meant I was offline and there wouldn`t be much I could do for a while. So now that I am some bit mobile I am making up for it as much as I can, and what a start to 2013 I`m having with 3 good rarities for my yearly list (Common Crane, Continental Cormorant, and Hawfinch ) and 1 life tick been a Long-Billed Dowitcher I really can`t complain about how the year has started for me and it 2013 and all. I`m beginning to think 13 is my lucky number.

 Continental Cormorant, I must head back to see if I can get a closer shot. But nice to have this one as well.
 The Cranes were quite flighty, so this was only a record shot.
A life tick and another bogey bird down for me.
 Another shot of the Dowitcher with a Godwit behind him.
 I of 2 Hawfinches I had in Curraghchase the other day, this seem to be the best spot in Ireland for these birds.
And another shot of the Hawfinch here.

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