Friday, 18 May 2012

A hidden gem.

 Female Hooded Merganser.
Male Hooded Merganser.
 Male Hooded Merganser.
 Mandarin taking it easy.
 Female having a peek at me.
 Smew my first male so nice to get.
 Male Wood Duck.
 Male Wood Duck again.
 Sometimes it can be so tiring just stiing about looking so striking
 Dont forget me, One of many male Tufted Ducks that are at Blessinton Street Basin.

I took a wander around Blessinton Street Basin near the centre of Dublin as last year I remembered photographing Mandarin Duck there and getting some nice shots as well of these pretty ducks. However in the last year or so there has been sightings of Wood Duck and Smew so I had to get there and see these birds. So when I arrived there was a lovely female Hooded Merganser swimming about in front of me but no sign of the rest of the rare ducks that were suppose to be there. There is an Island in the middle of the pond so I thought to myself they maybe sleeping there. So I hung around for a while and sure enough they started to appear one by one. What a super place to see these birds sometimes they were too close for photos but still quite shy as well. No one knows excatly where these birds arrived from but they can leave when ever they want. So wild or not they are defo worth a trip to see them.

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