Sunday, 1 January 2012

Last day of 2011 birding.

I was in Co Meath recently and seen as it is so close to the east coast I had to do a bit of birding as it was the last day of the year. But not only that a couple of birds had being seen in recent days. But more importantly 1 bird was on my list as a life tick. A Blue-throat had been hanging around on Clonea Strand in Dungarvan Co Waterford for the last couple of weeks and had being shown well so I had to get there for that. But before I headed there I was missing a bird off of my 2011 year list, Snow bunting, Over college I never got to Loophead in Co Clare where I had them last year so I had seen there was up to 12 birds shown well in Greystone in Co Wicklow. It was off to there first where I had 11 of them, then it was straight into the Jeep and off to Waterford. While looking for the Blue-throat I can across 5 Black-redstarts the most I have ever seen together in Ireland at the one time, also seen were some very tame Choughs. Then as the light got worse and it started to mist the Blue-throat produced itself. What a super bird and what a great end to 2011. Roll on 2012 and more life ticks. Happy New Year all.

I pushed my luck a little by leaving it go so long before heading to waterford for the bird. But lucky for me it stuck around.

I couldn`t get over the colours of the bird up close.

Another view of the Blue-throat.

To have one Black-redstart is great, but 5 in the one area is amazing.

This Chough didn`t to be too bothered with me!

Another bird I have only seen in 1 or 2`s, But to have 11 in the one area is just wonderful.

Another view of some of the Snow Buntings.

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